Sustainability and Governance

At Ecocem, we place a high value on our own internal sustainability and governance performance. We recognise the value of transparency around how our business is led and managed and how we take into account material topics relating to our stakeholders when making decisions.

Looking at our own business operations, environmental and social principles guide all our decisions ensuring society and the environment are at the centre of our business strategy and practices. Our performance against our targets and initiatives across all our operations is publicly available via our sustainability report. We operate ISO certified sites across Europe and maintain compliance with our local permits. For more information, contact us here.

Our sustainability reports for previous years can be found here:

Our Sustainability Strategy:

Sustainability guides every aspect of our business.

Our program for growth across Europe is guided by a group sustainability strategy revised every five years, based on significant factors identified in consultation with our stakeholders. Our growth and development are assessed against the targets set out in our sustainability strategy under the action pillars identified in our materiality assessment: Workplace, Environment, Community, Ethics and Governance. Our sustainability actions are aligned with the UN SDGs, ensuring actions across the group are taken in accordance with its principles. 

Our Sustainability pillars are:


We believe innovation is fostered by the safety, diversity, inclusion, engagement, continuous development, and well-being of our team. Our energy and our success come from a cohesive, tenacious, flourishing, and empowered team culture.  We are proud to maintain our zero fatality rate and continue to work on lowering our accident frequency rate through training, toolbox talks. Health and safety committees are active in every country we operate in with a strong focus on good catch and near-miss reporting.


Since 2003, we have saved over 16 million tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) from being released into the atmosphere, equivalent to taking more than three million cars off the road for a year. We monitor and measure our operational carbon emissions, to facilitate data-led decision-making and set ambitious targets to maximize our resource efficiency and reduce our emissions. We publicly communicate our performance in our annual sustainability report and Since 2010, have made our environmental data publicly available. Participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project is essential to our climate change strategy, ensuring we are as transparent as possible with our supply chain. The improvements we have made since beginning our sustainability journey in 2010 are  evidenced by our B-rating in the CDP.

All our products have third party verified, Environmental product declarations (EPDs)  facilitating whole-life carbon analysis and reduction of embodied carbon for construction projects. Ecocem will continue to develop and scale high-performance, cost-effective technologies that deliver low-carbon alternatives and significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the cement and construction industries. Climate protection is at the centre of our environmental policy and sustainability strategy. We are constantly reviewing our process to identify opportunities to incorporate circular economy practices such as using waste blast furnace gas from a neighbouring plant in our process and waste materials from other industries in our manufacturing process wherever feasible. This is in conjunction with our stated mission of continually investing in the research and development and scaling of high-performance low-carbon cement alternatives to traditional Portland cement.


Supporting our local community and contributing to its resilience by adding social value through employment, charitable donations, volunteering activities, and engaging with stakeholder groups, is very important to Ecocem.We work with all our customers across Europe to actively reduce their climate impacts through the reduction of clinker usage in cement manufacturing. The customer group includes 100% of our direct customers such as concrete producers and indirect customers such as engineers and architects that specify our product in design and construction.

We run technical seminars, present at conferences and industry events, provide onsite technical assistance on mix design and specifications as well as participate in technical committees and industry bodies and associations across Europe. We are active members of the Green Building Councils in the markets in which we operate and make regular submissions to consultation documents.

Ethics and Governance

Ecocem is committed to high standards of corporate governance and ensuring the long-term value and success of the company in the interests of all our stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, creditors, suppliers, partners and our local communities.Ecocem’s governance framework ensures board-level engagement on all material issues resulting in effective oversight, control, and compliance.You can find out more about our Leadership team and Board of directors here.

Our core policies are group-wide and have been informed by stakeholder engagement helping to  translate our values to actions, by setting clear expectations, guiding decision-making and the conduct of our stakeholders. Our four core policies are:

Environmental policy

Ecocem is committed to the protection of the environment and minimising any adverse impacts that may result from our activities including GHG Emissions, transport impacts, resource use, procurement, waste, and energy efficiency.

Health and Safety policy

Ecocem is committed to complying with all European and local occupational health, safety and welfare legislation and codes of practice relevant to our operations.

Quality policy

Ecocem is committed to consistently providing all our customers with high quality low carbon products and solutions to satisfy their needs in accordance with product standards and specifications.

Ethics policy

Ecocem recognises the need to adopt and apply the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout every aspect of its operations.