Environmental policy

Ecocem is committed to the protection of the environment and minimising any adverse impacts that may result from our activities including GHG Emissions, transport impacts, resource use, procurement, waste, and energy efficiency.

Continuous Improvement:

Ecocem has a framework in place for setting environmental objectives which are monitored, measured, and updated regularly. We have third-party verified life cycle analysis and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all our products. Our facilities are certified to ISO 14001 standard. We disclose our environmental performance to stakeholders in an annual sustainability report, available on our website and participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Waste Management:

We are fully committed to pollution prevention, reduction of waste and the recycling of materials, favouring circular economy measures where feasible. We use appropriately regulated waste management contractors to ensure safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste sent off-site in accordance with best environmental practice and local regulations.

Supply Chain:

We closely monitor and strive to reduce the embodied carbon of our product and positively influence further carbon reductions in our supply chain. We favour local sourcing wherever possible.


Ecocem is committed to building state of the art, low energy production plants and transforming our current plants into efficient energy users. We will continue to investigate renewable energy sources and educate our teams on energy management.

Research and Development:

We invest in research and development of innovative low carbon, high performance alternatives to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and technological solutions for decarbonising the cement industry.


This Environmental Policy has been communicated to all staff within the organisation and is publicly available to all interested parties on our website.