Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Ecocem to comply with all European and local occupational health, safety and welfare legislation and codes of practice relevant to our operations. Our OH&S policy programme is delivered through a structured implementation of ISO 45001 across all our facilities.

We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health. We are dedicated to the continuous consultation and participation of employees and ensuring the safety of sub-contractors and visitors.

The Safety Policy of our organisation is:

  •  The prevention of injury and ill health by maintaining highest standard of safety, health and welfare
  • Continual improvement of the H&S Management System and H & S performance through the setting and reviewing of objectives annually
  • All employees, at all levels, must receive sufficient training in the safety, health and welfare aspects of their work to ensure that they are aware of potential hazards and the action required to overcome them
  • Employees are responsible for own employability and must discuss this when there are issues that threaten their employability such as use of medication that can have an adverse effect on work.
  • Employees must report incidents, dangerous situations and (near) misses and/or accidents immediately. Employees must take reasonable care for their own safety and other persons affected by their acts or omissions. All employees must follow correct practises and use personal protective equipment provided.
  • All guests must sign in and out of the facility, and use relevant protective equipment when onsite
  • Maintain Health and Safety Committees in each of our subsidiaries with representatives from all aspects of the business
Communication & Awareness:

This Safety Policy has been communicated to all staff within the organisation and is publicly available to all interested parties on our website.

Policy Review:

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and in line with international legislation and the company’s objectives & targets.