Our sustainability performance

Many industries are in a process of reinvention to reach zero carbon emissions. So far, the cement sector is failing to rise to this existential challenge. This decade, we plan to triple our efforts in lowering sectoral CO2 emissions
Donal O’Riain
Group Managing Director, Ecocem

Sustainability Reporting 

The cement industry’s CO2 emissions are expected to increase as global urbanisation and population growth continue. Rapidly reducing emissions from cement is critical to addressing global warming. Ecocem continues to develop and scale high-performance, cost-effective technologies that deliver low carbon alternatives and significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the cement and construction industries.

Our programme for growth across Europe is guided by a group sustainability strategy revised every 5 years, based on significant issues identified during consultation with our stakeholders. Our growth and development are assessed against the targets set out in our sustainability strategy under the action pillars identified in our materiality assessment: Environment, Community, Workplace, Governance and Ethics. Our sustainability actions are aligned with the UN SDGs, ensuring actions across the group are taken in accordance with its principles.  

Participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project is a core component of our climate change strategy as we aim to be as transparent as possible to our supply chain. We believe innovation is fostered by diversity, inclusion and engagement. Here in Ecocem, our energy and our success come from a cohesive, tenacious, and flourishing/empowered team culture. By mid-2022, thanks to our low carbon cement products and technology and to all our partners, we have achieved a 15 million tonne CO2 emissions reduction.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Since 2010, we have made our environmental data publicly available by participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project. The improvements we have made since beginning our sustainability journey are evidenced by our B-rating in the CDP.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

All our products go through rigorous quality control testing and carry CE marks or equivalent, as well as environmental product declarations.  Environmental Product Declarations are a standardized way of providing data about the environmental impacts of a product throughout the product life cycle.

In Europe, they must conform to the European Standard, EN 15804, which ensures that EPD for construction products uses a common methodology, reports on a common set of environmental indicators, and has a common reporting format. EPDs provide objective, comparable, third-party verified information about the environmental performance of products, allowing for fair comparison and informed decision-making, vital for lifecycle analysis and reducing the embodied carbon of construction projects.

Value chain engagement

We work with all our customers across Europe to actively reduce their climate impacts through the reduction of clinker usage. The customer group includes 100% of our direct customers such as concrete producers and indirect customers such as engineers and architects that specify our product in design and construction. 

We run technical seminars, present at conferences and industry events, provide onsite technical assistance on mix design and specifications as well as participate in technical committees and industry bodies and associations across Europe. 

We are active members of the Green Building Councils in the markets in which we operate and make regular submissions to consultation documents.

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