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Grand Paris Express

Ecocem’s technologies are being used on a pilot site of the Grand Paris Express – the largest transport project in Europe.

Product used:

Ultra-low Carbon Cement

Carbon savings:

34.56 tonnes of CO2

Project Scope:

Grand Paris Express, an automated transit network with 90% of lines built underground, is the new metro of the capital region. 

With its 68 new stations and 200 kilometers of additional tracks, Grand Paris Express consists of a ring route around Paris (line 15) and lines linking developing neighbourhoods (lines 16, 17 and 18). 

Grand Paris Express also involves the extension of existing metro lines and provides connections with Paris’ 3 airports, its business districts and its research clusters. It will service 165,000 companies and transport 2 million commuters daily. 

Ecocem technologies are being used on a pilot site of the Grand Paris Express. This development marks the first use of ultra-low carbon cement in a tunnel in Europe.

Since 2017 Ecocem has built a strong working relationship with project developer Société du Grand Paris (SGP) and its technical team, contributing to the launch of a new set of low carbon concrete standards in 2019. 

These concrete standards promote the increased use of GGBS in concrete formulas to achieve low carbon and technical objectives including improved durability. 

Since the inauguration of the Ecocem production plant at Dunkirk in July 2018, Ecocem France has supplied every metro line section. 

This represents over 50,000 tonnes of Ecocem GGBS delivered for concrete design mixes. The project is expected to continue until completion in 2030.

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