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16 Mar 23 | 2 min read

Net-Zero Industry Act focus on CCS will curtail CO2 reduction ambition in the cement industry

Europe’s Net Zero Industry ACT (NZIA) published today takes no account of alternative technologies to cut in half CO2 emissions from the cement industry by 2030, and establish global leadership for Europe in decarbonising this industrial sector.

The cement industry is responsible for over 7% of all emissions globally and about a quarter of EU industrial ETS emissions, and on its own current forecasts will not achieve the Fit-for-55 targets by 2030. 

From a low carbon cement technology perspective, the scope of the NZIA is very specific. Companies and technologies will need to fall in to one of the narrowly defined categories. Only one, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), is relevant to the cement industry.

CCS is unlikely to come on stream at scale before 2035. Alternative low carbon cement technologies have the potential to halve sector emissions by 2030, much faster than CCS and at a far lower cost.

Commenting on the publication of the NZIA today, Donal O’Riain, Founder and Group Managing Director of Ecocem said “We see the NZIA as a missed opportunity for cleantech innovation. CCS will not help the cement industry achieve the Fit-for-55 targets by 2030. The only way to rapidly reduce cement’s GHG emissions is to minimise the clinker content, which is responsible for 94% of cement’s emissions. Focusing only on CCS ignores support for oven-ready cement technologies that can accelerate reduction of CO2 in a hard-to-abate industry.

In comparison to the United States Inflation Reduction Act, the NZIA sector focus is much narrower. This narrow focus will not help the European cement industry to halve sector emissions by 2030. The most effective technologies to decarbonise cement rapidly are being overlooked. The priority to combat climate change is rapid and effective action to reduce CO2 emissions at the lowest cost. Unfortunately, the NZIA is a missed opportunity for the cement industry.” added Mr O’Riain.

As Europe’s leading low carbon cement business Ecocem remains a willing and constructive partner of EU policy makers to ensure the Net Zero Industry Act becomes a truly effective solution for all critical cleantech solutions.

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