Our Company

Established in the United States in 2012

Who we are

Ecocem is shaping the future of low-carbon cement with ambitions to deliver a 50% cut in CO2 emissions from cement by 2030. We are embarking upon one of our biggest projects to date, the construction of our Terminal and Milling Operations at the Port of Los Angeles.


We have developed and delivered 20 million tonnes of low carbon cement in a range of formats, preventing 16 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from ever being produced. How? By reducing the need to burn limestone to produce clinker, a key ingredient in cement, and using alternative ingredients.

Our people

Drawn from a range of backgrounds, commercial, scientific, industry and financial our leadership brings a wide blend of skills and experience and is responsible for leading Ecocem’s operations and makes strategic decisions based on the objectives defined by the Board of Directors. They are all united by their belief in Ecocem’s mission to deliver low carbon cements at scale and accelerate the decarbonisation of the industry.

Our partners

From Sao Paolo and Toronto to Toulouse and Delhi, we have established a strong network of collaboration with universities worldwide. We work with some of the world’s leading materials scientists on the development of our low carbon applications. Their expertise and insights help us challenge the status quo and push the boundaries on the development of next generation low carbon solutions.

Sustainability and governance

At Ecocem, we place a high value on our own internal sustainability and governance performance. We recognize the value of transparency around how our business is led and managed and how we take into account material topics relating to our stakeholders when making decisions. Looking at our own business operations, environmental and social principles guide all our decisions ensuring society and the environment are at the center of our business strategy and practices.

The future of cement

The world needs cement. From housing, sanitation, and places of education and health to roads, flood defences and sustainable energy sources, cement is the glue that holds it all together.

Thanks to a step-change innovation at Ecocem, low clinker cement technology, and the deep and rapid decarbonisation of the global cement industry, is now a possibility. This is an incredible time to be part of this adventure.