Sustainability and Governance 

At Ecocem, we place a high value on our own internal sustainability and governance performance. We recognise the value of transparency on how our business is led and managed and how we consider material topics relating to our stakeholders when making decisions.

Looking at our own business operations, environmental and social principles guide all our decisions ensuring society and the environment are at the centre of our business strategy and practices.  Our performance against our targets and initiatives across all our operations is publicly available via our sustainability report. We operate ISO certified sites across Europe and maintain compliance with our local permits. For more information, contact us here.

Our sustainability reports for previous years can be found here:


Our Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability guides every aspect of our business.

Our program for growth across Europe is guided by a group sustainability strategy revised every five years, based on significant factors identified in consultation with our stakeholders. Our growth and development are assessed against the targets set out in our sustainability strategy under the action pillars identified in our materiality assessment: Workplace, Environment, Community, Ethics and governance. Our sustainability actions are aligned with the UN SDGs, ensuring actions across the group are taken in accordance with its principles.

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