Ecocem Science Symposium

November 2023

Ecocem’s inaugural science symposium in November 2023 brought together leading materials scientists from across the globe, representing a wide range of institutions. The symposium provided a forum to review and share the latest research papers and insights and challenge thinking on low carbon cement technologies with the Ecocem R&D team. The focus was on ACT, Ecocem’s scalable low carbon technology and how it can be refined and developed further to accelerate decarbonization even further.

While the symposium was a closed-door event, in terms of the papers examined and discussed, the scientists were clear that materials science has advanced to a point where rapid decarbonisation of cement without excessive cost is now a reality.  The group concluded that adopting the latest developments in low carbon cement technology is the quickest and most scalable way to make substantial emission reductions across the cement and construction industries by the end of 2030.