Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

To build a sustainable future by leading the way with low carbon cement technology.

Ecocem is here to accelerate decarbonisation in the construction sector. How? By developing, breakthrough low-carbon products for the concrete and cement industries. We’ve been pioneers for over 20 years, including helping to develop the lowest carbon cement ever used in Europe at scale. You’ll find our cement everywhere from Le Grand Paris to Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.

We’re proudly independent, run our own world-class innovation centre and have four manufacturing facilities across Europe. We’re committed to helping the cement industry reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 and believe our products and technology can play a key role in building a more sustainable future for all.

It’s why we exist as a business.

The Future Remixed

Watch our new film to understand how we are working to build a sustainable future by leading the way with low carbon cement technology.

Our vision

To decarbonise the global cement industry.

It’s a bold vision and achievable vision. 

Ecocem is committed to developing and applying sophisticated low-carbon technology which can deeply and rapidly decarbonize the global cement industry. 

Working with motivated partners, we will make this happen.

Our Values


Strong meaningful relationships based on trust, reciprocity and solidarity are essential. We believe in engagement, proactive communication, teamwork and collaboration. We are aware, agile, and support each other to realize a common goal


We prize continuous improvement, creativity and adaptability. We embrace entrepreneurialism, challenging the status quo and responding to changing needs with pertinence


Grit, determination, resilience and perseverance will win the future. We’re prepared to take risks and learn from mistakes. We believe in managing change, pressure and growth in a sustainable way


We thrive as a team in an environment where people can express their unique talents, be challenged, develop and grow. A healthy, positive work culture where people feel happy, confident, and secure means a business full of energy, enjoyment, passion and prosperity.

We have the technology.
Together we can change the world for the better.

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