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Athletes' Village

Ecocem’s ultra-low carbon technology is being used in the construction of the Athletes’ Village for Summer 2024.

Product used:

Ecocem Ultra

Carbon savings:

3382.35 tonnes of CO2

Project Scope:

Located some 7 km north of the centre of Paris, overlapping the communes of Saint-Denis, Ile Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen and less than 5 minutes away from the Stade de France, the village , comprised within a radius of 500m, will be the epicentre of the Paris 2024 design.

The 2024 Games in Paris will be unlike any other Games in history as they will be both spectacular and sustainable. The organisers are aiming to halve the emissions arising in relation to the Olympic Games. Ecocem Ultra which was developed by Ecocem in partnership with Vinci, was used on Vinci’s new headquarters in Nanterre, Paris. Its use at the scale of the Athletes’ Village will be a first for France.

The Athletes village will be transformed into offices and residential housing, known as the “Universeine Eco-District”, after the summer.

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