The radical answer to a major global problem

ACT, Ecocem’s breakthrough cement technology rapidly and cost effectively replaces 70% of clinker, the critical ingredient in traditional cement, and responsible for circa 94% of cement’s carbon footprint.

ACT replaces clinker by optimising the use of available alternative, low carbon cementitious materials as well as filler materials. Essentially, this technology achieves the same results while radically reducing the amounts of clinker historically used to manufacture cement.

Whereas the average footprint of CO2 per tonne of cement is approximately 600kg CO2/t cement, the carbon footprint of ACT is approximately 200kg CO2/t cement

ACT is the result of a decade of research to develop a sustainable, low-carbon, low-cost, easy to produce, global and scalable technology. Whilst low carbon cements have been used effectively for decades, the challenge has been finding a way to scale them. ACT overcomes this challenge, thereby multiplying the low carbon benefits of alternative cements to an extent that has not been achievable before. 

The technology requires no major changes to the production processes for cement and concrete, and enables the use of standard practices and equipment.

It can be produced in the vast majority of current cement plants with limited need for additional capex and industrial transformation, using almost all existing assets together with local raw materials. 

ACT will accelerate access to scalable low-carbon, low-clinker, competitive cement technology. To facilitate the rapid decarbonisation of the global cement industry, Ecocem will work closely with cement producers and make the technology as widely available as possible on an economically advantageous basis.