30 Nov 23 | 3 min read

COP28: Navigating the Future: A Call to Action at COP28

Chisom Ekomaru

From the 30th of November to the 12th of December, Cian Farrell, Vice President of Public Policy at European Young Engineers will be attending the 28th United Nations Climate Conference in Expo City, Dubai, UAE, to represent European Young Engineers.

Cian is a former Lecturer of Engineering at Technological University Dublin and Nanjing Tech University, China, and currently works as an Engineer between Dublin and London. In addition to his role, Cian is a contributor to Engineering education and STEM in Ireland.

Cian’s attendance at the 28th United Nations Climate Conference is sponsored by Ecocem Ireland, Europe’s leading provider of low-carbon cement technology solutions, and Glennon Brothers.

With the global thermometer rising and the stakes higher than ever, it is crucial to reflect on the present, the impending future, and the urgency of the actions needed to combat climate change today.

In combating climate change around the globe today, many of the key indicators are going in the wrong direction, resulting in ongoing record-breaking climate events. Whether it is extreme heat or catastrophic flooding, COP28 (28th Conference of Parties) brings together 197 nations plus the European Union to negotiate and agree on how climate change and global warming will be tackled in the coming years.

All G20 nations have also been encouraged to join the leadership cohort. As outlined in the COP28 thematic program (COP28 Schedule & Agenda – Thematic Program – COP28 UAE), the agenda for the conference is as follows: 

Over the next two weeks, Cian will be sharing insights from discussions, negotiations, and agreements that are ongoing and complete at COP28. In addition, he will be sharing valuable opinions and feedback on the various conference themes outlined above.

As we come to a time of great uncertainty and change, enhancement of education, industry, and research collaborations are needed more now than ever to ensure we are aligned and tackling climate action goals holistically as a nation and as a community.

Cian has summarised some key focus points that will be discussed at COP28 that are essential to have in place for nations and communities to achieve the UNCCC goals and targets. These include:

  • Green finance for existing firms to adapt and achieve the targets set in the amended UNCCC.
  • Green infrastructure for cities to reduce the number of cars on our roads.
  • Support packages to help communities deal with extreme climate events such as our recent flooding in the south of Ireland.
  • Investment in innovation around sustainable and natural materials.
  • Restoration of existing buildings and communities to reduce the number of new materials required in our built environment.
  • Investment into sustainable education without reducing the fundamental understanding of the topics being taught.
  • Supporting innovation in the industry to facilitate the development of lower-carbon raw materials.

Cian will be providing ongoing updates throughout his time at COP, so make sure to follow us for more updates.

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