Quality Policy Statement

Ecocem is committed to consistently providing all our customers with high quality low carbon products and solutions to satisfy their needs in accordance with product standards and specifications. At Ecocem, the manufacture and supply of our products is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We uphold the highest standard of quality across all our internal processes, using a process approach and risk-based thinking resulting in all processes being documented, resourced appropriately, monitored, and measured to ensure conformance to their intended results.

Quality Objectives

Ecocem has developed a framework for setting of quality objectives, all of which are annually reviewed and measured by management. Our quality management system measures and improves our overall group and subsidiaries performance, supporting our group strategy and business plan. We have a dedicated quality group tasked with ensuring continuous improvement across all Ecocem’s production facilities. Ecocem ensures that the requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products and services can be delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Personnel Development

Ecocem is committed to the continuous improvement and development of its employees through structured reviews, provision of internal training seminars and the opportunity to attend relevant external courses. The development of our staff is critical to the innovative flair of our organisation and to the achievement of our ambitious quality targets.


Ecocem is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, high product quality and continuous business improvement. All complaints are logged and actioned until a satisfactory conclusion is reached for all parties.

Communication and Awareness

This Quality Policy has been communicated to all staff within the organisation and is publicly available to all interested parties on our website.

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