Ecocem joins Bill Gates and other innovators in new documentary

Mar 11, 2022

Europe’s leading provider of low carbon solutions for the cement and construction industries, Ecocem, is joining leading scientists and innovators in Bill Gates’ new documentary series, “Solving for Zero”.

The pilot documentary and 10-part series on streaming service Wondrium, based on Bill Gates’ best-selling book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” will feature Ecocem, amongst a range of scientists, start-ups, and solutions at the environmental forefront of reaching net zero. The documentary explores the bold ways that the energy sources we use, materials we build with, and food systems we rely on, are being reimagined.

“Getting to net zero by 2050 will be hard and will require innovation across sectors, but I’m optimistic that together we can reach our goals," said Bill Gates. "These projects highlight exciting solutions that I hope inspire people to think more broadly about the issue and consider what each of us can do to fight climate change.”

In the lead up to Earth Day 2022 on Friday, 22 April, the series’ 75-minute pilot episode “Solving for Zero” premiers on Friday April 8th, following which there’ll be a further 10 30-minute educational episodes. 

Ecocem has always been a first mover. For more than 20 years, the company has led the development of technology that reduces the carbon footprint of the traditional cement manufacturing process by half. Its pipeline of technology continues to be industry leading, and the company was recently backed by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a coalition of private investors led by Bill Gates, supporting innovations that will lead the world to net zero emissions.

Focusing on the cement industry, Conor O’Riain of Ecocem explains how the company’s innovations are being used to dramatically reduce emissions in the cement for the world’s largest infrastructure project—the expansion of the Paris Metro system—and the Athletes village for summer 2024.

Conor O’Riain, Group Managing Director of Ecocem, said: “Concrete, after water, is the most widely used substance on earth. The cement industry globally would, if it was a state, be the third largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world. Ecocem, through its commitment to innovation and new technologies, is determined to make a difference at scale.”

“We are very pleased to be featured in this new documentary, and further raise awareness around the world about what the cement industry can do to support global efforts to reach net zero goals.”

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